Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Another Home Loss To The O's

I predicted a perfecto from Beckett. I got 8 quick innings, with one bad one, for a total of 2 runs and 5 hits. Still pretty good. Unfortch, the offense only scored once. And goddamnit say all of us. I'll take that loss over a 12-11 loss, but that doesn't mean I'm not pissed. We're back to .500 and we remain alone in the basement. Still 4 out of first with a million to play though....

Tonight they showed somebody in the stands receiving hot dogs from Remy, and I couldn't help but notice the metal T-shirt two rows back:

The band is Suffocation. (How many death metal bands end with -tion? All of them, I think.) Here's a similar shirt with the same logo:

The point is: I swear, at every Red Sox game, I always see one band shirt. The last game I went to it was The Smiths. I know I've documented some of these, like that one guy with the Black Flag shirt once, but I should keep a running list.

I just heard Beckett didn't talk to the media tonight. So just remember, when they're killing him for whatever invented thing, remember, you're not mad at him. They are. His job isn't to make a bunch of people that aren't even fans happy. I love it when he disses those assholes. They deserve it. They should know that we're happy when our guys say "fuck you" to them. And I hope it was something terrible--like he was late for his Satanic Ritual Killing, so he couldn't talk to the media. Because I don't care what any of these guys do with their time. As I've said before, nobody ever makes fun of a player for spending too much time doing charity work. Then again, the A-holes could come out with the "hey, if he's pitching well, he can do what he wants" line, which is BS because it implies, as it's been proven, that if these guys aren't playing well, the media is somehow "allowed" to dig into their private lives and turn the fans against them over their butt-hurtedness. It's time for us to stop falling for it. Burn the media!


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