Tuesday, June 26, 2012

10 Of 13

The Red Sox were down 1-0 for what felt like....about an hour or two. In the 6th, we had the tying run gunned down at the plate, and people think the past determines the future were surely uttering phrases like "one of those nights." But in the 7th, with two outs, Salty hit a Monster dong to tie it at one. In the same inning, a separately rally was capped off with a 2-run single by Pedroia. It was 3-1, and we'd add 2 in the 8th for a 5-1 win. Dice had another weird first inning, but only one run scored, and he and the pen threw shutout ball for the rest of the game.

Speaking of awesome things, I scored Louis C.K. tix today, for both NYC and Boston. Louie continues to impress, selling all the tix at his own site with no BS fees and making it so people aren't allowed to resell for above face value. In other words, what I've always dreamed of. He pretty quickly sold out all 5 NYC dates, then they added a second show for all five of those nights. Looks like the Sunday late show was added recently, as good seats are available for it right now. But I'm sure they'll be gone by the time the sun comes up. Anyway, this is the guy who also sold his last concert video for $5 through his own site, allowing people to do whatever they want with it once they buy it. I love how artists are realizing they no longer need middle-men. It's a bonus that a guy I really like is leading the charge. I'm also psyched for season 3 of his TV show, which starts Thursday.

DYING for your take on the Dewayne Wise "catch" tonight...
Dude should come to Toronto...
Looks like Detroit is your closest....

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