Wednesday, May 09, 2012

WEEI Keeps Things Out Of Perspective

I can't believe Carl Beane is dead. One-car crash on a rural road today. The voice of Fenway Park silenced--so sad.

Kim and I got the news in the car coming home from putting flowers on her mom's grave just now, and we decided to turn on WEEI too see if there was more info. Nope, those guys were doing what they do best: taking some non-story about a Red Sox player and turning it into one, and calling the defenders of the players "fanboys" (yes, people who make a living off of grown men playing a game making fun of sports fans) and generally brainwashing people into hating their favorite team. It's funny, usually a death "puts things into perspective." But to these guys, it's never the wrong time to invent a controversy.

Every time I hear them turn nothing into something, I think of the time on The Brady Bunch when Greg was caught smoking, and Cindy and the other kids were like OH MY GOD HE WAS SMOKING! This odd re-mix of the episode gives you an idea of what I mean. Oooh, I saw Josh Beckett...and he...he...he was GOLFING! He was also eating food and drinking beverages, and...and...BREATHING AIR. Oh, and don't forget to ask other people with the team, like the manager, about the incident prefacing it with "if it happened," that way you can get damning quotes from them regardless of whether the story is even true, causing drama in the clubhouse! (Then blame them for having drama in the clubhouse!) Classy.

Time to blow up the Boston media.

And I'm not one of those people who says "people are dying, we shouldn't be thinking about baseball." Life goes on, and baseball, like all other entertainment, is part of it. But the bullshit surrounding it--that's the shit that doesn't matter, especially in context.

Carl Beane photos by Jere.

If Beckett is knowingly increasing his risk of injury by golfing on a day off - a sport that uses the lat muscle quite a bit - then that is a HUGE story, and is compounded by the team's shitty start, how many players we already have clogging up the DL, Beckett's admitted lack of focus last September, his role as one of the chicken-and-beer boys, and what a healthy Beckett means to the pitching staff and the team's playoff chances (such as they may seem at the moment).
What if he was at the hospital, lifting sick children over and over on his day off? I think they just love to stir shit. If it was Jeter they'd be praising him for keeping the lat in motion while it heels.
Has nobody else realized that the Bckett "lat issue" was just the party line used to let him skip a start so they could figure out what to do with Cook? Someone needed to move, easiest was was to skip Josh. Why else would they let him throw a million pitches the previous start? They knew he'd have ten days to rest. The comment by Josh about the "cumulative effect" was a nice touch. As was Bobby V saying that 12 fewer pitches would have, somehow, been ok. So, Josh playing golf doesn't show that he doesn't care about his health, or his team. It proves that his lat was always just fine.
I said this to Kim in the car, too! And guess what EEI did? They mocked him for missing a start and forcing Cook to pitch! After they and everyone else clamored to get Cook up before May 1st! You're exactly right, they looked for a spot for Cook and found a guy who could use a missed start, and plugged him in. Then, Beckett--gasp!--plays golf, and there's your shitstorm. I never knew food and drinks were criminal until this offseason, now I know golf is too. What a joke.
You mean Josh Beckett has the nerve to do non-baseball activities on a day that he doesn't have to play baseball? Trade the bum, he's no good.

I didn't hear about Beckett golfing, but now that I have, I still don't really care. You're right about WEEI. They want to keep people angry. I'm not angry at Josh (or the rest of the team). I'm just very saddened by the loss of Carl Beane.

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