Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Still Proverbially Rolling

You know when you have a line of people on ice skates, and each person's holding the hand of the next one, and they swing around so that the person in back is launched forward past everybody? I feel like that's what the A.L. East standings are like. We've been in the back but everything's getting all bunched up and we're about to fly past everybody. I sure hope it happens like that anyway.

Tonight we went into an empty stadium and had a nice win against the Orioles. We've won 9 of our last 11, we're back at .500, and we're out of the cellar! Or at least we've got company there, as the Yanks were blanked at home by the Royals. All five A.L. East teams are within 5.5 games.

ClayHH had only one really crap-tastic inning tonight. He gave up one solid single, a bunt hit (when Middlebrooks got the ball, the hitter was still 6 steps away from first, but he made no throw), and a roller up the middle that Aviles couldn't make a play on (because, despite what Remy said, Pedroia gave up on going to the bag--had he been there, Aviles flips it to him for an out). He also walked three in that inning, but one of those the ump missed strike three. So while Clay looked flustered and seemed kind of like he was losing it in that inning, he still wasn't awful. He ended up getting three outs on three pitches to get out of it with 4 runs given up. He left the game down 5-2 in the 6th. (At which point I wondered how some of the people I was watching the game with online ever made it to 2004--a winning record 14 straight years, two world championships, we'd won 8 of our last 10 games, but go down a few runs halfway through a game and it's I CAN'T TAKE MUCH MORE OF THIS!!!! We've gone from "basing one's entire opinion on the most recent game" to "on the most recent inning." Jeez, look across the field--the O's have had 14 straight losing seasons.)

Anyway, as usual, the bats came through with runs for Buchholz. And also as usual, our bullpen was stellar as fuck. They are the best in the game in 2012. It's a shame that your co-workers still think they stink.

The 6th was fun. Down 3, Papi started it with a big dong out toward the warehouse. Then with second and third, a Nava sac fly cut it to one. Middlebrooks then danced off third, causing the O's pitcher to think he was coming home. He cut his motion short and fired home (even though 'Brooks wasn't even coming), an obvious balk, to tie the game.

In the next inning, Adrian hit a sac fly, and then Brooks Was Here again, this time lining one right back at that guy-who-pissed-off-Papi-that-time, Kevin Gregg, for an RBI single. We added another run in the 8th after a key Aviles strikeout-where-the-ball-got-away with two outs.

Padilla did a great job getting out of Rich Hill's jam in the 8th, and Ace freely saved it in the 9th. Vic and Alf were pitching in their third consecutive game. 8-6 final.


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