Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sox Lose, Media Doesn't Understand Simple Things

We lose 4-1. Good pitching by us, better pitching by the Birds. The rubber game is tomorrow afternoon at 12:30. I predict a 9-3 win.

In tonight's pre-game show, TC read a quote by David Ortiz from the night before. Papi was pissed about how the media gives him no respect. (He's talked about this before--how they'll write whatever they want to write, regardless of the truth.) We saw the quote on the screen as TC read it. Then, confused, TC asked Remy his thoughts. Remy didn't get it, saying how Papi is so loved by the fans, his teammates, and the front office. Remy couldn't figure out who Papi was mad at, despite that he said the word "media." Remy later said the same thing during the game (only that time the original quote wasn't said or shown, so the audience didn't get to see/hear the part where Papi specifies exactly who he was pissed at).

But the even worse part was how TC and Remy basically admitted that when a player's playing poorly, the media will use anything and everything to turn the fans against him too. My reasoning is this: after TC read the Papi quote, he said "...they're 9-2 since (the meeting Papi called). Whatever Ortiz is saying, let him keep saying it." In other words, play well and they won't care about your off-field stuff, won't harp on it, and won't try to run you out of town, something they have the ability to do. Remy followed that up with, "if anger makes you perform, then stay angry, Big Papi, 'cause you're doin' a good job."

Of course, if any of the media is smart enough to figure out that it's them who Papi is mad at, they'll turn on him (and make YOU turn on him) in a second, regardless of how he's hitting.

But this "do well and we don't care" thing is so ridiculous. They even admitted it during the latest Beckett crucification. On Joy of Sox the day Beckett made his start after he did nothing wrong but the media said he did, on the heels of his also doing nothing wrong but the media said he did then too, ("hey, you should really consider being polite to us about this non-issue, especially since you weren't polite to us after the last non-issue!"), I read this Nick Cafardo quote: "Beckett can control his own news cycle on this topic with a strong performance Thursday, or he can drag this out if the tight lat for which he missed his last start crops up again. It's up to him." These people come right out and admit it. They tell the guy to pitch well, or else THEY will continue to portray him in a negative light as a human being. (I also liked how Cafardo's quote makes it sound like Beckett can control whether his lat acts up!) And they don't even need a negative thing. They can pick anything out of a hat, say it with a negative tone, and "everyone," (meaning the vocal .01% of sports show callers who actually believe what they're told) will use it to tear the guy apart. "Josh Beckett was seen crossing the street today while his teammates were working out." Holy shit, did you hear Josh Beckett crosses streets?? I better get my "Don't Walk!" sign ready to bring to the park for his next start--IF WE DON'T GIVE HIM HIS OUTRIGHT RELEASE BY THEN BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING WITH THIS GUY. "In other news, Tim Wakefield was good enough to cross a different and more charitable street at the same moment." What a guy....

When is the media gonna learn that we don't care if a player doesn't do what THEY want them to do?


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