Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sox Lose, Jere Wins (The Battle Of Getting On TV)

Well, I predicted an unprecedented and historic winning streak. I'll settle for 5 games. Tonight, we lose 2-1 in Tamper.

Neither of the Rays' runs should have scored. The first one was balked in by Clay, who continues to improve. Then in a 1-1 game, the Rays hit a shallow fly to right with a man on third. Ross came in, ready to catch and throw on the run. Tampa probably wouldn't have even sent the guy--but Ross botched the catch, getting all twisted up and giving the runner just enough time to score. Even just coming in and catching it nonchalantly like Upton would have worked, as it was very shallow. Cody did it the one way that could even allow the runner to try it. 2-1, and that was the final. Yanks got killed by Toronto.

I noticed on one of the Wake highlights that you can see me in the background. It's when he comes out of the dugout. You see me taking pics, just before I put the cam down to clap for him. I'm the guy in the light blue shirt with the gray hoodie, up at the top above Wake's head:


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