Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sox Give Up 1 Earned Run, Score 3, Still Lose

The "magic" is still in the air. A bizarre first inning gave KC 3 free runs. Lester had the third out, but the ump missed a third strike. Eckersley immediately said how we'd look back at that pitch should it become a big inning. But still, there were two outs, nobody on so that didn't seem probable. But it happened. Marlon Byrd missed a line drive right at him. I've seen this guy make so many bad plays in the short time he's been with the club, I'm wondering how he ever got a job in baseball as a center fielder. It's at the point where any ball hit to him, I'm assuming he won't catch. He came through again, as the ball bounced off his glove. Later, Ross chases down a long fly (the third would-be inning-ender) and he....kind of...catches it...but...not quite. He had it in his glove for two running steps, but as he brought the glove up, the ball flew out, at which point he caught it the wall. The ump said no catch. When the inning finally ended, the Royals had 3 runs, and Lester had thrown a shitload of pitches.

Gonzalez would tie the game with a three-run double, but Lester gave up one more, making it 4-3 KC after 4.

We went to the 9th, same score. Red Sox get the first two guys on. Then Byrd is up there bunting, and on a 2-0 pitch, he gets hit in the hand. The ump said he offered at it, as Eckersley repeatedly failed to understand what Don was saying, thinking the ump was calling it a foul ball. Bobby V later said that the first base ump was telling his players it was no swing, but the home plate piece of shit um refused to ask for help on the play. Should have been bases loaded, no outs. And I'll just go ahead and assume we protest the game, and it's replayed from that moment. So there's no need to talk about the rest of this bullshit game. V called it a damn shame and that we should have won all three games in KC. The games we're losing miraculously will soon turn into normal wins. Just gotta hang proverbially tight. And maybe send Byrd to some type of Willie Mays baseball school.

At least the Yanks blew their game in the 9th tonight.


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