Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sox Even Series, Fox Effs Stuff Up

We've won 7 of 9 with tonight's 7-5 win in Philadelphia. Many dongs hit--Aviles, Papi, Brooks, Salt.

I heard the first half of this one in the car on the way home from NYC*, but made it home in time to see the second half of Fox's "talk about Twitter...and also the game" fest. And wow, Buck and McCarver sure are dumb.** Padilla threw his Padillphus pitch, and Buck announced it as if he'd been unaware that this pitch was part of Vicente's arsenal. This is something the announcer should know, and if he doesn't, somebody should be whispering it in his ear. But it got worse, as McCarver started mocking the pitch as if our guy was just screwing around on the mound. He jokingly talked about how Valentine probably told him between innings to never throw the pitch again. Then of course he was shocked when Vicente continued throwing it. While they spent their time insulting the pitches, they completely missed the fact that they were landing in the strike zone but the ump was calling them balls. Finally he was taken out, and Buck noted how Padilla along with his pitch will be stricken from the game. When Rich Hill came in, I wondered if the Moron Twins would become flustered upon noticing he was attempting to throw the ball...with his left hand!

You know what the worst part is? People who also didn't know about the Padillphus will now be writing stories about "that night Padilla lost his mind," and "padilla" will be a trending topic or whatever. All because BucCarver didn't know about it. If they knew about it, they would have been able to tell the audience that it's part of his repertoire. Instead, people will think along with them--that it was some huge deal and that he surely lost his mind.

As Fox went to commercial after the top of the 9th, they paid tribute to Donna Summer, by playing a song relevant to the situation, "Last Dance." However, they only played the "wooo-ooo" part, which comes at the very beginning, with only barely noticeable music in the background. Then they cut to commercial. Had Buck not said it was Summer, probably less than 1% of viewers would have even recognized the tune. I mean if you're gonna play "Last Dance," make sure we hear the damn words "last dance"!

In the bottom of the ninth, Aceves let the leadoff man run reach first, bringing the tying run up. Buck went into drama-mode, saying how this save "won't be easy...they never are." Almost instantly, the next guy lines into a double play. Aceves did give up a hit to the next hitter, but he struck out the one after that to end the game.

**Notice how I wrote that as if I'd never noticed how crappy they are, in honor of them not knowing shit everybody else knows. Well maybe not everybody, but definitely everybody who follows the game for a living.

*Which is why I missed Friday's game entirely along with the chance to blog about it, which is a good thing as it turns out. Anyway, we had fun walking around in the beautiful weather and hitting a bunch of food places I hadn't been to. Like Insomnia Cookies.

Earlier on the ride home, Kim and I got to hear the end of the Yanks game. They were down 3 going to the bottom of the 9th. I love that they came back and ALMOST won but still lost. Once it ends, you realize it was all worthwhile, knowing that they all surely thought it was manifest destiny that they'd win, only to be disappointed at the last moment.

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