Saturday, May 26, 2012

Snott, Puke

Tonight we jumped out to a 1-0 lead in the first. Then Lester gave up a grand slam. And two other dongs. And it was 7-1. We did make it 7-4 and had the tying run up, but we couldn't get any closer, and that was your final. Lester later said his performance was unacceptable.

After the Rays hit Pedroia, we retaliated by hitting the perfect guy, Puke Snott. Benches emptied after Snott approached the mound. I'm only okay with people throwing stuff on the field under two circumstances. When the umps royally fuck up so many times (and only when it's absolutely clear, not when you just think a call should have gone your team's way), eventually you just have to litter the field so they know that everybody knows they've screwed up the whole game. And occasion number two would be if Luke Scott is on the field. Or, let's just say: if the guy thinks he can come out and say whatever he wants about people, he shouldn't be surprised if and when those people retaliate. I'd love to see that little ho crying his way off the field with a police escort. Overall it's better to "not sink to their level" when it comes to suffering pricks in life, and I wouldn't be throwing stuff myself, but I'm not gonna feel sorry for the guy if insults or worse get tossed that guy's way. NESN didn't have the best view of what happens with the fans who were ejected tonight, but I gotta assume they threw something at Scott. After the game, Gammons made a birth certificate remark--I love it! (In case you didn't know, Luke is not only a Red Sox fan hater and Fenway hater, but a complete right-wing racist gun-toting nut-job.) (And Luke, if you're reading this and decide you wanna shoot me with one of your 739 guns, go ahead, I'm sure you'll totally not feel like a coward at all. America Uber Alles!)

Later, NESN wondered why tempers don't just make the minimum 37 pieces of flair:

Oh and then there was the single which NESN thought was...somehow...well, just watch for yourself:

I was also kinda pissed at that woman in right field who held up her giant purse, making it so Byrd couldn't catch that home run ball. Remy and Don barely cared, and Remy even said the ball was in the second row, and wouldn't correct himself even after three replays of the ball clearly going to the first row. Those two are so incredibly bad when saying how many rows back balls go into the stands. They're always way high with their estimates. Problem is, they've never sat in the seats--then again, if staring at replay after replay doesn't help them, they're probably too far gone.

One final pic from tonight's broadcast. They showed some clips from Yaz' last game in '83, and check out this sweet chain-link fence at the front of the Red Sox dugout! I have no recollection of ever seeing anything like this (in the majors) before:

Hey Jere, I think the fence in front of the Sox dugout is a screen that they used to put in front of the dugouts during batting practice before the dugouts had permanent railings installed. I have no idea why they would still be up during the Yaz ceremony.
After I posted I realized it does look "screen-ish," but when it was on TV it really looked like an actual chain-link fence.

And also, why would you need a screen for the dugouts in BP? They always had the cage, it seems like it's almost impossible to hit a ball to the dugouts with the cage there. I know they added the screens down the 1B/3B lines in the 90s or so (because as a kid there would be so many more balls rolling down the foul lines!), but I don't see why you'd need to protect the dugouts--unless it was for general balls that could be thrown that direction?

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