Thursday, May 10, 2012

Silent Night, Holey Team

Despite Beckett barfing out barf-balls to home plate which were promptly re-barfed to the outfield and beyond repeatedly, we still had plenty of baserunners and even had the tying run up at one point after being down 7-1. But we just kept stranding. 18 miles of baserunners. We left 'em loaded twice and left two on twice. Gotta hand it to old pal Derek Lowe. If we're gonna lose, might as well be to people we like.

Ya think Damon was glad he didn't have to hear his name announced tonight?

I think people were too distracted by Beckett to even worry about booing Damon.
I'm guessing you didn't see the guy standing above the Tribe's dugout holding a big sign which read "Thank you Johnny and Derek". I think you're in the minority on giving a crap about Damon these days.
I give less of a crap about him than a guy who made a sign about him, that's for sure. I also saw a guy with a bag on his head--I couldn't believe that one.
The thing I liked most about the guy with a bag on his head was that the mouth cutout was above the eyes on his forehead. Nice planning, brainiac.
Yeah I noticed that! What a tool.

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