Friday, May 25, 2012

Red Sox (And Everyone Else) To Wear Camo

Here are the hats that will be worn on this year's "patriotic" days.

A few things:

1. I hate that the logos have camo on them. (Despite that MLB is still calling them the "stars 'n' stripes" hats.) MLB is an international game. Why are they always talking about "our" way of life and bringing out U.S. soldiers? What if we went to war with Canada? Would we cart these guys out and give them standing ovations for toppling the Canadian Mounted Brigade, knowing that the league has a team FROM Canada in it? "Our" in Major League Baseball terms means "the world." Or at the very least, "the U.S. and this one other country that's not the U.S." So patriotism makes no sense to me in MLB. (It doesn't make sense to me anywhere else either, but that's a whole other thing.) The sale of the hats this year goes to helping wounded vets. If you wanna help troops that came home and were promptly forgotten by the warmongers who sent them away, go ahead, that's great, they need help because no one else is helping them. But putting camo on the uniform to me is supporting the U.S. military itself. We need a new symbol that says "fuck those warmongers, but help the people who they used as pawns." And also, there should be a day with some kind of anti-war symbols on the hats, too.

2. Why is the Orioles bird not in the same camo treatment as the other hats? They just get a camo outline! The Blue Jay is in camo, so are the Indian and the Cardinal. The Marlins have a weird one, and they made the odd choice of having the T be camo but the C normal on the Twins hat.

3. Even sales of the Blue Jays hats go to the WBV fund, which is only for U.S. vets (from what I can tell). Shouldn't Canadian vets get this cash?

I hate the camo too, primarily because it looks stupid (as do those hats with the stars and stripes in the logo). And I find nothing wrong with honoring veterans, but at this point it seems as though those are the *only* people they care about. Or sick children. How about some respect for other people who contribute to our country and get less back than they put in? It seems like they very occasionally do police and firefighters, but what about, say teachers? You know, people who earn practically no money to spend their life educating people. Or nurses & med techs? It wouldn't even be wrong to spend way more time honoring vets considering that they're risking their lives for a government that treats them like pawns, but it seems like this country doesn't acknowledge that anyone else makes sacrifices for the good of society.

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