Monday, May 14, 2012

Reacting To Bryant Park Movie List Announcement

They said they'd announce it Monday morning. It's now 11:58 a.m. Don't toy with me, BP!

And now it's past noon. I guess there's no need to update again until it's actually up. In fact, I'm not even gonna post this until then because this text alone would be a really shitty post.

12:21: The list is up! Here we go! I will react as I read each one.

They're saying it will be celebrating films from the last 20 years, and that all but one have played in the park before. Interesting....okay, on with the list:

June 18: Psycho. Woohoo! A great start. No complaints there.

June 25: Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid. Nice. This is one of those movies that I've seen so much of but never really saw start to finish. Another good job by them. Okay, I'm realizing that they meant "films that were shown here over the last 20 years" as opposed to ones that were released in the last 20. So a lot of my faves have a shot. I'm getting the feeling Ghostbusters really might be there this year. If that's the case, that's one I will go to no matter what. Moving on...

June 32, no, July 2: Now I'm just barely scrolling down so I can see the tops of the letters. It's "The" something...The Inside Step?, The Wizard of Oz! Wow, that's pretty cool. I feel like that's not a Bryant Park-y type film, but so what, I'm always up for watching that one.

July 9: On the Waterfront. I know nothing about this classic. Sell it on me, people.

July 16: Roman Holiday. I know even less (than nothing) about this one. We're in a dry spell, me-wise. Let's get Bill Murray involved, Bryant!

July 23: The Maltese Falcon. We're going even further back in time now. Another one I don't know. Next...

July 30: Rebel Without a Cause. Well this one I should have seen by now but still haven't. Maybe seeing it at BP would be a good way for me to indoctrinate my ass into it.

August 6: The Adventures of Robin Hood. No interest.

August 13: All About Eve. Uh....

August 20: Radiers of the Lost Ark. Okay, so this is the moment where someone of my generation is brought back into the fold and the organizers probably think I'm gonna be like "that makes up for all those 40s movies, yayyyyy." However, I'm just not a big fan. Again, maybe seeing this one outside at night with a big crowd would make it more fun.

Oh shit--that was the last one! Okay, it being the finale could also improve Raiders of the Lost Ark for me. Let's see, what to do here.... I'd say I'll either go for the opener or the closer, and if I can't make those, maybe Butch Cassidy or The Wizard of Oz. Or if any of you can do a great job selling me on any of the others, I might try them. No Bill Murray--but for wackier, 80s-er, funner movies, I've always got the outdoor film fest right here in Providence. Still, I have great respect for the Bryant Park fest--I almost feel like if they didn't keep it classy with a bunch of old-timey flicks, the people in the neighborhood there would say "take your pop culture bullshit over to Brookyln and let us have our lawn back!" and the whole thing would get canceled. I like that there's something for everybody. And also, the setting makes it so I'd gladly sit and watch any movie there, if given the choice of doing that or doing a whole lotta nothing.

I'll let y'all know when they release the Providence sked....

Mom here.
On the Waterfront. Marlon Brando (omidgod!)
Maltese Falcon Peter Lorre worth the price of admission. It's ultra-camp.
Rebel... JAMES DEAN!
Roman Holiday... Audrey Hepburn who reminds me so much of your Kim
It's all about the actors, isn't it?
Okay....maybe I'll give one of those a shot.....

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