Thursday, May 17, 2012

Orange Split

NESN just put up a stat showing how the starters have done over the last 6 games. 38 innings, a 1.40 ERA. No dongs. Except for the brainwashed, we always knew these guys CAN be great. If they are, with the way our pen has been shining and with our offense, we should be rapidly moving up the standings.! The first team we need to pass is the fourth-place Yanks, who are 2 ahead of us.

Tonight it looked like Tamp. might break through at any moment, but we held the slim lead. Ross, who donged earlier, hit a 2-run breathing-room single extending the lead from 3-2 to 5-2 in the 8th. 5-3 was the final. Doubront gets the W. Byrd donged in this game too. We're back to two games under .500.

We've won 6 of 7 and head to Philadelphia for the some IL play.


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