Friday, May 04, 2012

National Mystique & Aura Day

I shit you not, the FIRST caller to Francesa's show today called Rivera "mystical" and then said there was an "aura" about him. The guy sounded completely serious, but the fact that it was those two words he chose leaves me wondering if he wasn't trying to pull one over on Mike, knowing that to accomplish that, you have to be stone-cold serious just to get past the screener.

Dah! I pressed "publish" on this post and then another caller just mentioned the "aura" too! These fucking people, man.

I admit, I'm conflicted as to what I'd like to happen from here:

1. The Yankees don't miss a beat. D-Rob saves 45 games as they cruise to the division championship. Then, Robertson saves 11 games as they sweep their way to the title. This proves once and for all that even the Great Rivera is just as replaceable as any other closer. The Hall of Fame talk can stop, and we can go on with our lives. Or...

2. The Yankees never recover and don't have a winning season for ten years.
Any of the great pitchers of the early 20th century could have gotten 3 outs every night. Cy Young did what Mo did, only he did it over 7,000 innings, not 1,000. People act like he's done what no one else has ever done and no one ever will do again. But the fact is, the role he's in didn't exist until relatively recently. It's like when Lawrence Taylor broke the all-time sack list in the 90s. And nobody pointed out that the stat didn't exist until 1982.
I shouldn't say "any" of the great pitchers. Because I do believe it takes a certain mentality to pitch the last inning as opposed to the first (though one can quickly gain that mentality if they get a lot of practice at it). But a lot of others could do what he's done.
Alas, my nephew is turning five this year and is starting to watch baseball with his dad. I was hoping he'd be able to say to his friends, years down the road, "You know, I remember when I saw Rivera blow his last save against the Red Sox. My father told me all about 2004, but getting to see it for myself..."

Liam, Summa Contra

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