Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Winning, Me-Less-ial Losing

Doubront gave up 2 over 6. Sox win 7-4 in the first game of the 4-gamer with the Tigers.

The umps did the Red Sox a favor early in the game. With the game tied, Aviles swung and missed for what should have been strike three to end the inning. The catcher caught the ball. However, the ump called it a foul ball, and the first base ump said the catcher didn't catch it. Don and Remy went on and on about how the catcher caught the ball--which was true, and regardless of whether bat hit ball, that should be strike three--but they never brought up the fact that the bat did not hit the ball, meaning even if they catcher got it on a hop, all he'd have to do it tag the runner and there's your inning. After the big break, their pitcher pulled an "our pitchers" and let it get to him, allowing three runs to score. We led 4-1 and never looked back.

We're back to .500, and we could be out of last place tonight! If the Jays lose to Balty, we're out of the cellar. If they win, that still would* help us close to within 4.5 of first.

*Unless Tampa wins--then we'd stay 5.5 out as they would flip-flop with the O's into first.


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