Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Great Night To Go To Fenway

Tonight they're honoring the Tom Brunansky catch. (A video with an actual view of him catching the ball recently surfaced with, terribly, little fanfare.)

You've also got old friend Derek Lowe starting for Cleveland, so you can give him a nice hand. (Johnny Damon is also on the Tribe now, so you can take out all your recent frustration with the team out on him! Saw PeteAbe on NESN yesterday trying to shame fans into cheering for Damon. But that makes sense, as he knows quite a bit about being a Red Sox guy, then turning around and going to work for the Yankees, before slinking back to Boston assuming he'll be liked. Boo both their asses!)

And of course it's the first game without Carl Beane. Who knows how they are gonna play this in the long run. But I'm sure they will have a tribute up on the board tonight.

Tickets are cheap, weather's not half bad...I happen to not be going tonight, but I recommend this game!

As for the Brunansky thing, NESN keeps telling us about different nights in May honoring players. Bruno tonight, Wakefield on the 15th, and Trot Nixon on the 28th. I'm wondering where this info is posted. I don't see it on the site, not even on the "promotions" part of the schedule. Maybe these things would fill out the emptiness on this schedule. You'd think they'd want to let people know about this stuff! (There was a press release, I'm just noticing. But those things can get buried quickly.)

And I never mentioned the death of Maurice Sendak. Gotta love this dude. And not just because he lived in my hometown. I only found out within the last few months that his house was a bike ride from mine, in what the NYT calls "deep in the Connecticut countryside." Here's a funny (uncensored) interview he did with Colbert.

Previously unpublished sad photo of Carl Beane by Jere.

I'm having daymares about someone skimming my paragraph about Lowe and Damon, seeing the "boo them both" line and thinking I'm saying to boo those two. Clearly I meant to boo Damon and Abe.
I just looked it up online and growing up I knew he lived in Ridgefield, but I always thought he lived somewhere off of 116 between Barlow Mountain Road and town. I never knew he lived near the golf course.
Yeah, but DLHY Ridge, not the other one. It's funny, I don't think of Chestnut Hill as being "near the golf course" because you have to go over the hill to get there--it's like two different worlds! But I see on the overhead view that it is close. Lots of stories about that area. Like Dillman Court, which is right near where he lived, used to be called Danzig St. We saw that on the map and went to grab the street sign--but it was gone! We realized it probably would come down right after going up every time. And the town must have, too, because suddenly it was Dillman Ct. And I used to play golf at that course, when I was like 11-12. Later, we'd go "night golfing" by entering the course around Hole 7 from a side street.
You might want to change the title of this post. This team blows donkey balls.

At least the Celtics won.
You can still have fun at a loss!
Yes, you certainly can, if you're watching a good team that's just having an off night, or if you're watching the '62 Mets and weren't expecting much to begin with. But when you're watching a team with a $170mm payroll which shit its collective pants in historic fashion last September continue to play like the '62 Mets without any of the charm, behind an 'ace' who no longer gives a crap about conditioning, on the night after the team's longtime PA announcer dies tragically and suddenly, no, I don't see how that was much fun for anybody except the Tribe fans in attendance.

And why weren't they wearing black armbands or something similar for Carl Beane?

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