Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Great Day Ruined

A 7th-inning 3-run dong by Gonzalez turned a 2-0 deficit into a 3-2 lead. Then we shut them down in the 8th. Then we leave the bases loaded in the bottom half, and that proved to be key, as Aceves gives up a 2-run dong in the 9th. We go quietly in order and that's it. We were that close to getting above .500. Shit.

We've got another afternoon game tomorrow as the Tigers come to town.

Give ump Angel Hernandez credit for squeezing that 2-run shot outta Aceves. Also, Pedie was responsible for not getting an out on one of your "favorite" moves - not staying with the tag. The play was close (replay looked like safe was the right call), but instead of keeping his eye on the runner sliding past the bag, Pedie immediately looks at his hated ump to see what the call is and argue. Just a little later 'Brooks snags a line drive, but can't throw to 2nd to double up the same runner cuz Pedie can't cover the bag fast enough being that he was tracking the ball as a spectator too long. Of course the runner scores later.

Add all that to the questionable call in the 1st when he was out trying to stretch his single, and I don't think Pedie had a very good day.
Know what else? The throw from Gonzalez hit his glove, too!

If you go to the Joy of Sox game thread you can see where I agreed with you on the tag play--IN ALL CAPS, I was so pissed. Just hold the tag there, EASY OUT. And I also said it was an ill-advised attempt at a stretch.

As for the 'Brooks play--you may be right, and I don't "blame" Brooks for anything, but I do think he should have lobbed a throw right to the bag, and let Pedroia run under and catch it. A lob would avoid hitting the runner, and would be slow enough where Pedroia would have enough time to get there and stop it from getting away even if they don't get the out.
Oh yeah, I forgot the "throwing error" on Gonzie. They should both feel bad about the disaster toss in and I give TB credit for taking advantage of it.
And great idea on the lob. I wonder if Youk would've lobbed it (if he made the catch)?
Don't get wrong, I like Pedie, I wear 15 mucho, but nobody's perfect and he can infuriate the hell out of me. It's happened so many times that you'd think he would learn to stay with the tag.
I'm going to take a different angle and criticize Bobby V. for sending a .132 hitter (Nick Punto) in to pinch hit in the bottom of the ninth inning of a one-run game.

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