Saturday, May 12, 2012

Doubie Rollin'

Felix threw 6 innings and gave up a run on 3 hits. Miller, Padilla, and Aceves each went a perfect inning. Cody donged. Pedroia extended his hitting streak to 13 games. 4-1 easy win.

Bard goes against Masterson on Mother's Day tomorrow. With all the talk of Masterson's wife's cookies, I never thought to actually try some. So I found the site. Kim and I just might have to grab two dozen (if you buy two dozen you get a Justin-signed card).

Update: Later, on Providence's channel 10, they said this:

Our first winning streak in "nearly a month"? The last one ended April 28th. Do the math, ass holes. In the report, the guy made a snide remark about going ahead early "for a change." We went ahead in the first inning the game before and never trailed after that.

Speaking of news pricks, when I heard about the Papi car accident yesterday, I went to Shitter to see if I could find updates. And one FUCKING COMEDY GENIUS named Tim Caputo of some Boston station said he's just glad that Ortiz "made any contact at all." Great joke about the league's third leading hitter, ass face.


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