Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Jarrod Parker was on tonight. Got his first major league win against us. And if you're thinking this was the first time a guy named Jarrod pitched to another guy names Jarrod, you're totally wrong--Salty has faced Jarrod Washburn 10 times. But this was the second Jarrod/Jarrod match-up. This was a cold, rainy night, and by the end, hardly anyone was there. If you stayed the whole game, as I would have, you get a free lifetime membership to this blog (should this blog ever cost any money to read). It was also the Kelly O'Connor show, as she was on the screen with her rain-protected camera behind all the right-handed hitters (see screen shot). For her great photography, click here.

We almost had a ninth-inning comeback but we left the tying runs on. 5-3 loss. Doubront didn't have it tonight, so the people who thought he was untouchable because of a few good starts will now feel Cook should replace him because of one bad one. Also, it rained today so it will rain every day till the end of time.

Wednesday night, we get throwbacks uniforms (1936). The A's will have blue hats! I'm still waiting to see what the other two throwback days will be. They haven't added anything (except the commemorative bat offer) to this schedule in a long time. Even though it's May, we're only in the second homestand of the year. And since we wore throwbacks last homestand, too, listen for the "they wear these throwbacks ALL the time now" crowd to come out of the woodwork. And, should we have a bad stretch around one of the throwback games, the "these owners need to stop doing gimmicks and start focusing on winning" crowd, too.


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