Monday, May 07, 2012

'Brooks Bat-len

Two-dong night for Middlebrooks, and we're back in the win column. And Eck actually said "dong" on the second one, as the ball hit the foul pole.

With a late 7-4 lead, we had 2nd and 3rd, no outs. The next three guys made outs. I was pissed. Then right away, the Royals made it 7-5 and had the bases loaded, but Padilla, in for Doob, got a huge double play to end the inning. Then we tacked on a bunch more and the losing streak was over. 11-5 final.

I saw Dice-K pitch earlier in the night at McCoy. (That game was 6:15, so I was able to see the whole Dice performance and get home for the big club's game.) He did a fine job. Will post pics later.

And yes I am loving having a Sox player with a Shawshank-y name like 'Brooks. The possibilities are endless!


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