Sunday, May 20, 2012

8 Of 10!

NESN's attempts to "panic" the audience in the 8th fail as we get the easy 5-1 win.

Beckett continues to go out and pitch beautifully and hit balls off the wall--HE OWES US AN APOLOGY!

The bats shone like a bone off the great Cliff Lee today, giving us an early lead that we never gave up. Aviles hit a leadoff dong for the second straight game.

We're back to within a game of .500, and a game behind the 4th-place Yanks. Everyone else in the AL East lost today.

Beckett shouldn't have played golf. He wouldn't have given up that one run in his last two starts.
mom here, texting style, hand in splint.
yankees call two days ago with a-rod up. he swings at first pitch, connects.
js: It is high, it is far, it is....CAUGHT! I really thought that was a home run, Susyn. The wind affected the ball. It had to be the wind.
sw (in her infamous orgasmic voice, re ROGER IS HERE! OH, GOD, IT'S ROGER!): THE WIND BLEW IT BACK, THE WIND BLEW IT BACK!!!!!!!!!
Clearly a Red Sox dust devil lifting the ball from its trajectory into the stands, sucking it into its vortex, and depositing it onto the field a la Dorothy's house.
yankees lose.
Aviles has become quite the shortstop - first Red Sox player to hit leadoff dongs in consecutive games since Harry Hooper in 1913.

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