Thursday, April 12, 2012

"You Are Hearing Me Talk..."

The Surviving Grady podcast starring me is up. Go have a listen.

(For those of you who just came from Surviving Grady, welcome to the awkward moment where you've been directed to a website, only to have it tell you to go back from whence you came. Ooh, maybe that phenomenon should have been included in our long discussion about the ins and/or outs of blogging.)

The "panel" was hosted by Red of SG, and included me and Allan Wood of Joy of Sox. It was a fun hour of three dudes talking about the 8+ years we've each spent in this weird e-world that we've seen go from "the next big thing" to "a thing old people who for some reason write more than 140 characters at a time do."

I've been a fan of SG for a long time, and I was glad to hear that Red was such a fan of my blog.

Just finished listening to the podcast, Jere. I really enjoyed it, and put up a post on my blog about it. I LOVED your comment about wearing the Red Sox hat in 2005!!
Glad you liked, Quinn! Thanks for the link. I'll be on the lookout for you tomorrow at, ya know, that place.
Love your takes on The Surviving Grady podcast. It was cool hearing how you got started. Any tips for a new baseball (mainly Sox) blogger? Thanks Jere!
Hey Scott--I guess it's like everything else: Do what makes you happy. As far as getting a following, I think above all give people something every day or as close to every day as you can (hopefully that thing is something unique, whatever that may be for you). It's even harder now to get a following, with most people's Internet time spent dicking around worrying what their stupid "friends" are doing. A lot of my friends don't read my blog--but they read every update their third grade teacher's mother-in-law posts simply because it's convenient. But anyway, I know one thing I never want to read at a blog is: "I can't think of anything to write about today" or "I won't be around for a week." Give 'em something. Or they'll stop coming. Good luck...
I'm in Section 3 of the RF grandstand for sure, Jere. Can't wait.
Jere - I loved the podcast. The three of you were great. These blogs, along with Beth at Cursed to First, and Bambinos Curse, kept me sane as a new father and heartbroken Sox fan in 2003. I didn't figure out that I could draw away some of the pain by cartooning about it until much later! But well done anyway, and a heartfelt thanks.
Thank you!!!!! That's awesome.

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