Monday, April 09, 2012

Update On Whether Or Not I'm Still In Disbelief

I am.

On top of this being one of the craziest games I've ever seen (there've been a few of those in the last few years, eh?)--something Eckersley agreed with--now I find out from Joy of Sox that this is the first time IN MY LIFE the Red Sox have scored 12 runs in a game and lost.

Nice job by Allan in his post discovering a game stupid PeteAbe missed, on the "12+ runs in a loss" list.*

I did a news search and came up with that game's linescore and some other info, from the New London Day, 7/30/1903:

Note that the part that shows Howell as part of the Red Sox battery is wrong--he was a New York pitcher. As the blurb says, Cy Young went all the way for Boston, and Chesbro was knocked out in the 6th. Chesbro is the one who Howell replaced.

Hey, at least we didn't make 8 errors today....

*What reporters do these days is use the usual sites to get historical info--but since we don't have full seasons of boxscores before a certain year, that info is often incomplete. Sometimes reporters will note this (and then not bother to do further research, if applicable, in order to tell the whole story), but some won't, therefore saying "x has happened x times ever," neglecting to tell you this actually only covers back to a certain point. Then others pick up the info and repeat it, and readers are left with completely inaccurate info. For a while there we were stuck with complete info going back only to about 1959. As of now, it's 1918. (You can see where the bold years only go back to 1918 here on retrosheet, with some scattered ones in bold before that. Baseball Reference picks up their boxscores from retrosheet and so their searches only include 1918-present.)


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