Sunday, April 08, 2012

Two Games Ending At Once = Live Blog!

5:57: A 3-run lead blown and a 2-run lead blown in the 9th and 11th. This is so fucked up. We won that game. We just won this game and I am in a weird dream. There is no way this happened. I might as well go kill my least favorite neighbor, right? Because I'm just gonna wake up anyway. We got the win in the type of game that if you lose, you're pissed. I was ready to write that. I was ready to be so happy over the shittiest kind of win because AT LEAST IT'S A WIN. BUT WE STILL DON'T WIN!!!!! No way this happened.

5:50: OH MY GOD. What the fucking fuck!!!!!??? Guy hits a deep fly to right, fan reaches over, touches it, and it's a game winning fucking home run for the Tigers. I can't believe any of this is real. This is not real. They don't even review it. It WAS TWO STRIKES. I WAS STANDING AND CLAPPING AND THAT JUST HAPPENED.

5:47: Wild pitch but ONLY the lead runner advances--then a fly out, run scores, 12-11, two out, man on first.

5:44: Single to the left side where no one was. Fine job by Fielder. Winning run at plate, one out.

5:42: Cabrera singles. So now we gotta face Fielder as the tying run. Get a double play!!!!!

5:40: Melancon in, get first out.

5:36: Adrian up...Dustin takes second...3-2 pitch...strikeout. We go bottom 11, up 12-10.

5:30: SOLID single for Dustin and we go up 12-10!!!!!! And Benoit is done. Suck it, PeteAbe!

5:27: Ellsbury lines one down the RF line, jussst foul. Then Ks. Pedroia up. Two outs, we're up 11-10. Still first and third.

5:23: Punto....bloop single to left!!!! We lead 11-10.

5:20: Salty...strikes out. A goddamn fly ball would have given us the lead. But that's still the case with one out and Punto up.

5:18: Nice hit n run action! Aviles single to right, and it's 1st and 3rd, no out!

5:16: Benoit still in. Ross leads off. 11th. 3-0 count. Goes full. And he draws the walk. Score please!!

5:11: Strikeout! Morales gets the hot Austin Jackson and we go to 11.

5:10: On a ball in the dirt that didn't even get by, the runner takes second. Two strikes, but a single can win it.

5:06: Fly out. Two down.

5:04: Single. Winning run at first. I'd like a DP here.

5:03: Morales Ks Peralta looking to start bottom 10.

4:57: McDonald up. Strikes out. Had no fucking chance. We go bottom 10. Can't believe this is happening.

4:55: Papi up. Full count...Benoit pitching for almost 4 hours out to center Shit! And fuck you PeteAbe! Two outs.

4:51: Gonzalez flies out to center, one out.

4:49: So the two games won't be "ending at once" at all. Pedroia leading off top 10. Four-pitch walk!

4:45: Morales gives up a long fly to left...caught. We go to the 10th. As a side note, fuck you PeteAbe.

4:43: It's official, Yanks have lost. And Morales got the second out. I am so pissed right now. But if we can get this out, we are alive and the bats are working today so we'll have a shot.

4:41: Morales is in. Strikes out Fielder. Yanks have been down to their last out for a while, I'm just dying for them to get it so we at least know they're 3-0. As a side note, fuck you, PeteAbe.

4:34: What seems like a DP ball, Pedroia makes diving play but can't .....oh fuck this, Cabrera game-tying dong on first fucking pitch.

4:31: Leadoff man on for Detroit.

4:30: Yanks go to the ninth. We need two closers to hold two 3-run leads.

4:27: We go bottom 9. Here ya go, Aceves. A-save us.

4:25: Punto grounds to deep short, beats it out, run scores! 10-7 us.

4:23: Shoppach can't get any runs home. Two outs. Punto up. Would love to get some insurance.

4:22: Red Sox up 9-7, top 9th. We've got 2nd and 3rd, one out. Yanks down 3-0, bottom 8th in Tampa. Padilla has come up big for us, relieving Buchholz and giving up squat. We had been down 4-0 and 5-1 early.


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