Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Stuff I'd Be More Pissed About Had We Lost

Three things about last night. The first is in video form:

Could the guys in the truck have set them up any better? And they still blew it.

2. They took us inside the visitors' clubhouse in Toronto. Nice to see they put the team's logo right on the door to make the feel at home. But...

Old version of logo, of course. As I said before, the Jays did what we did, they tweaked their logo (in their case, one that had been retired years ago), and everybody took note. So you'd think they of all people would know that the Red Sox did the same thing, in 2008. But they, another MLB team, still hasn't heard about this change.

3. The Papi stolen base attempt. ECI pointed out in comments how people snickered but that it was a good attempt. I agree. Here's what I said on the JoS message board when it happened: "I love that Papi's steal attempt was the type where only a perfect throw could get him. I hate that they actually made a perfect throw." Any other throw and he's safe. Of all the times for the catcher to make a perfect throw, it's on Papi's one steal attempt. I felt bad for Papi--he made a good decision and the result would have been positive on 99 of 100 versions of it.

Sox @ Jays, 7:07 tonight.


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