Monday, April 23, 2012

Sox Take Care Of It Right Here...In Brainerd

Ross's second bomb with two outs in the 9th breaks the tie and the Red Sox win 6-5 in Minny.

Lester pitched a great game...except for one inning, when he looked like he was suddenly pitching batting practice. After that, our 3-0 lead was gone. After they tacked on another run, Lester did have two straight 1-2-3s, keeping us in the game. Then Cody hit a massive 2-run dong to tie it. After Morales gave up a triple [actually single + error] to start the 8th (everybody's saying the guy's hand came off the bag and Youk had the tag on him, but I think Youk's glove pushed the hand off. Ump couldn't see it anyway, but I don't think you're gonna get an out call on that), Bard came in and in his old role, he put out the fire. After Ross's go-ahead dong, we went to Aceves, who closed the door. A long fly ball to left with the tying run on base looked scary, but with that ridiculously high CF camera the Twins use, I can't tell how far any fly ball is going off the bat anyway. After that fly out, V actually came out to the mound to calm everybody down and crack a joke. (He says he asked Aceves if he's trying to kill him....) Aceves got the next guy to ground back to him on the 9th pitch of the at bat.

Earlier, I had the game on the radio, and Dave O'Brien pointed out that homers to right field in his park "don't happen." So I thought it was funny when Salty did just that, a 2-run job that gave us our 3-0 lead.

Remy was UTW tonight, so the Twins lent us "my day" player Roy Smalley. He was good--and his voice reminded me of one of my favorite childhood announcers, Tony Kubek, who did a lot of work on the NBC Game of the Week. Then in the 8th NESN inexplicably went to the pen for NicK Cafardo. Oy. Anyway, great job by this team getting a last-at-bat win coming off the horrible previous game.

Photo of Ross's first dong by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images. GD alteration by Jere. Wow, I don't even know what the hell happened there--that wasn't my vision at all but whatever, it looks effed up so I left it. You're all welcome to send in your own Green Death pics after any win.....

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