Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sox-Jays Now (Game Over)

2:52: Papi grounds out to end it. I like that the grounder was to the left of second, but it was pretty much right at the guy. This really blows goats. We had a bunch of deep flies, the Jays made some great defensive plays, and Lester was great, yet we quietly drop to 1-5 heading to the home opener.

2:51: Youk Ks. And it's up to Papi.

2:45: AG moves tying run to 2nd with a deep fly to center.

2:42: Romero walks first 2 in 9th! Gonzalez up.

2:35: Lester costs himself a run. After a walk, he has the guy picked off--but he lobs the ball to first, letting the speedy Davis easily get to second. Then a base hit, and it's 3-1. All with 2 outs. Goddamn it.

2:26: Mid 8th, same story. We've been known to score a few in the 9th this season. Gonna have to do it today if we don't wanna be 1-5.

2:22: 2-1 after 7. Five total hits in this game so far.

2:14: Romero has retired the last 14 batters. 2-1 Toronto, 7th innng stretch.

2:05: End 6th, 2-1 Jays. Gotta get some runs for Lester....

1:57: Mid 6th, still 2-1.

1:45: Mid 5th, still 2-1 them.

1:32: Shit inning for us in the 4th, 2-1 Jays after 3.5.

1:20: RBI triple, then sac fly for TOR. 2-1 them in the 3rd.

1:11: Dustin Ks, Adrian grounds out, we strand 2 but lead 1-0 after 2.5.

1:07: Hits by Ross, Aviles, and Ellsbury, and we're up 1-0 and still batting in the 3rd.

1:00: No baserunners through 2 full.

12:48: We hit two balls to the wall (man) in the first, both caught. Lester set the Jays down in order in the bottom half.

12:32: Lester against Romero. Here we go. My prediction: Red Sox 12, Jays 4.

This is getting pathetic. I'm tempted to go downstairs and ask Jordan Youks why his cousin can't hit anymore. After last September I thought this team had nowhere to go but up, but apparently they're content to bump along the bottom.

I wasn't planning to go to any games this year, but then I got invited to the opener, so I'll be there Friday...really hope they get their shit together at Fenway. And on the subject several posts back about booing at the opener, why would you boo BH Kim? Sure, he was immature and did a dumb thing flipping us the bird (I was there), but as I recall he had some big cultural issues being in the States that unfortunately he never got past. His biggest problem was that his manager was a total idiot who had no idea how to use him (or to run a bullpen in general). The one guy in a Sox uniform who I did boo at an Opening Day was David Wells back in 2005; never could stand that MFY meathead, and it pissed me off that Theo signed him to replace Pedro in the rotation.

Lester and Doubront have been about the only bright spots for this team so far. I guess Padilla and Atchison too. Looks like they're gonna waste another Lester start.
Good god Youk...
They're not gonna give Papi anything to hit.
Well, I was wrong about that. This team sucks.
You're right in being pissed at Youk--overall though, it's not like we're getting battered around and playing shitty--this team isn't off to a great start, but the record could have easily been anywhere from 4-2 down. Buchholz was almost the Cy Young 2 years ago, then was injured, and has had one start. Beckett was great last year. I don't see the question marks with these guys that people seem to have.

BK Kim--did you see the 2001 WS? There's nothing he could have done to make me like him after that--but if flipping me off was his attempt to change my mind, he certainly failed.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not pissed at Youks, I just fear that age and (more importantly) chronic injuries are going to limit his production a lot going forward. And given that Buccholz' injury, which seemed very minor at first, ended up causing him to miss over half of last season, and involves the lower back, I think it's very fair to be concerned that he'll either have trouble staying off the DL going forward, or be less effective even when he does pitch. This team has a ton of issues.

As for Kim and 2001, that was Bob Brenly's fault for leaving him in game 4 too long, not Kim's. Do you blame Pedro or Wake for the 2003 ALCS? Brenly wasn't quite as dumb as Grady, but it was close; the DBacks won that series in spite of him. Which gets me to the other point: the MFYs lost that series in truly crushing fashion; if Kim hadn't blown games 4 & 5 we wouldn't have been treated to Mariano blowing game 7.
Yeah Kim's shittiness led to game 7, but he put me through so much stress that I'll never forget at the worst time--Yanks had just won 4 of 5 and 3 in a row, and then after the A's couldn't close the door on them, we had to see them in WS again with everyone telling us we had to be rooting for them because of 9/11.
Here's the thing though: Kim struck out the side in the 8th inning of game four, he probably shouldn't have been brought back in for the 9th, and he absolutely shouldn't have been brought back in for the 10th. He was only 22 years old at the time. Blaming him instead of Brenly seems ridiculous to me. And, to bring it back to the original topic, I don't see where it merited booing him in a Sox uniform at Fenway.
Maybe if it was one game I wouldn't have even remembered him, but for it to happen two games in a row, he just became one of my all-time least favorite people right there. Then they go and trade one of my faves for him. I just never liked that guy. I don't even really remember ever seeing him live at Fenway, but would have had no problem with people booing him. And then he gives us the finger on top of it!
Frankly, homophobic asshole Shea Hillenbrand was about 100x more 'boo-worthy' than Kim in my book...I'd put Triple Shea just a notch below Dante Bichette and Mike Lansing on the 'deserved boos" scale (and about two notches below Wil Cordero).

And with that, here's my probably incomplete list of guys I would boo at Fenway even when they were wearing the laundry:

Carl Everett (less for the hair-trigger temper and on-field meltdown, and more for being a homophobic, child-abusing jerk off the field)
Clemens (obviously after the fact)
Tony Clark (for tanking the '02 season)
Zimmer (actually did heckle him once in Pittsburgh)
Fatso Wells (the only one I actually did boo in a Sox uniform at Fenway)
Bob Bailey (surly asshole who had a crushing strikeout in the Bucky Dent game after stiffing me for an autograph at Yankee Stadium early that summer...I remember he snarled at me when I asked him politely. Fuck him.)

But I don't plan on booing anyone Friday, unless I see the CHB. Notice I specifically didn't mention Grady Gump...2004 healed that wound, and Grady couldn't help his very limited intelligence.
In the pre-follow-them-on-the-Internet days, in which I got zero games on TV, I really knew nothing about the team other than what Castig was describing during games, so I know nothing of Hillenbrand's personality.

I'm definitely up for booing the media. TC and Eck also spoke of the boos it's been decided Beckett will be receiving on Friday--I don't know where this is coming from, because we're now at the point where some media have driven ideas into the heads of other media.
That reminds me...I did heckle Shaughnessy as well at the 2005 opener. My friend and I were walking in, it was very crowded, but I saw his red mop of hair about 30 feet in front of us, and yelled out "Yo, Curly Haired Boyfriend!" Dude has rabbit ears...he turned around and looked back to see who was yelling.

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