Saturday, April 07, 2012

Shitty X 2

That was such a crappy game, that on top of the fact that we gave up 10 runs and scored none and Beckett gave up FIVE dongs, we also couldn't do the little things right while they did. Those things didn't even matter since it was a blowout, but it just made things look even worse. I guess it's good to have the "got asses kicked" game and the "nothing's going our way" game on the same day. That way you only get one loss.

I've always liked Prince Fielder. It really stinks to see him going deep repeatedly against your team. Too bad we couldn't gotten him to stand out in right field and never catch any balls but hit 50 home runs. Was cool to see him taking BP off Tito as a kid, though. I'm glad Fox was able to break out that clip.

I had the first half of the game on mute (always recommended with Buck/McCarver anyway), so I missed the Verlander interview. It seemed like hell, though. He seemed to be on forever, as the Tigers pounded dong after dong, and he just kept smiling. You don't wanna have a guy on the other team as an essential announcer during an inning like that.

And damn you, Beckett, for doing something with such a negative connotation right after I wrote that post saying there's not much a guy can do in his pre-first-home-game outing to affect the way the crowd reacts to him on home Opening Day. "Five home runs" is something people tend to remember. I'm sticking to my opinion that nobody's gonna boo one of our top pitchers for the last six years after never having booed him before and after he had a great year, but still, screw you Pete Abe. I'm sure he's beaming at the story possibilities today. But I wouldn't know because I don't read shit. Meaning, I don't read stuff that is excrement.

Yanks/Rays, just starting up. Tomorrow we play at 1:05.

Is it weird that I'm planning on doing a Boston-parking-situation dry run in a few days? Gotta be prepared for the season, gotta know if any meters have been added or their times changed, right? Hey it's only 50 minutes away. And I'm only doing it because I'll be in Boston anyway. Then again, I'm only going so I can get Anna's Taqueria.

[Boston media: No team that lost game 2 10-0 while giving up 5 home runs has ever won the World Series and they all have always gone 0-162 every single time always ever also we fuck shetland ponies on lunchbreak.]

Also, Youk looks lost at the plate. As does Spring Training Hall of Famer Cody Ross. The bats will heat up.
I have had time to reflect and i feel (a little) better. I have decided to concentrate on the things that worked (sometimes). Like Salty and Sweeney. And Ortiz. And Adrian actually ran to a base. Did you see? I mean, everyone else was broken. But. Um. Four people who remember how to use a bat beats what we had in September...
Yeah. I just hate that they were forced to bring in some reliever who obviously wasn't ready yet since the starter got injured, and we STILL couldn't score. But we woulda needed a lot of runs anyway today.

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