Friday, April 27, 2012

The Rhymes Of Inspectah On-Deck & Redman

Every time Aviles does something good I say "A-vee-les, A-vee-les" to the tune of the chorus of the Redman song "I'll Be Dat!" (chorus starts a little after the 1:00 mark). I think this should be his at bat music, though the swearing in between the "I'll Be Dat"s would be tough to cut out. But it's a really funny chorus/song. I thought the "my crew do drugs Duane/Reade couldn't read" was genius. (I also just noticed on that YouTube page that Redman's playing in Boston tomorrow night! Somebody should go and tell him about the plan. They're both from the NY metro, I think it's a perfect match.

Inspectah On-Deck strikes again: My latest detective work is for the Fenway fan mosaic, which I mentioned the other day (and have since added one of my own pictures to). It's an interesting one, because once all the pics are filled in (about a quarter of it is done as of today), you won't be able to see the finer details of the bigger Fenway picture. But right now you can zoom in and look between the blank squares where pics will be added and get some key info from the auxiliary scoreboards:

To me that clearly shows Ball: 0 Strike: 1 Out: 1 Detroit with 0 runs, 1 hit, and 0 errors, Inning: 1. We know the picture is from at least 2008, as the 2007 WS flag is up over home plate. (The two red ones on the far right are '04 and '07.) We can tell the Red Sox are up, so it's the bottom of the first, day game against Detroit. Men on first and second, no outs. That's an easy one to match. I went through the games from '08 to now, and only 8/1/2010 matches up. Scutaro singled and stole second, Drew walked, and now Youk is up, and the 0-1 pitch is on the way, as the infielders are in ready position and the runners are taking their leads. Verlander is on the mound, and you can also see the second baseman is wearing 28, and that was the number of the guy playing second according to the boxscore--whose name goes perfectly with the rest of this post: Rhymes.

The Red Sox would go on to win 4-3, with my picture of Johnny Pesky in short right field....

(Rhymes because of rhymes in general but also Busta Rhymes. So....)
Thanks for letting me know about the Fan Mosaic, Jere. I put there pics in there: one at Fenway, one at the Brooklyn Bridge, and another with the trophy.
love the redman reference & appreciation
Q: Glad you're in on the mosaic. I gotta add some more myself.

ap: A-vee-les, A-vee-les.....

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