Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pre-Op Fenway

Remember how I thought it was odd that the Red Sox' new spring training park had the retired numbers posted in the order in which they were retired (which is how Fenway used to do it until about 10 years ago)? Well, I went to Fenway Park today, and check this out:

Obviously it's a "Nation-wide" change--expect them to be in that order on the right field roof inside the park...

As far as other new/different stuff, there are the bright new RSHoF banners you can see in the photo above (they've fixed this travesty) which are also ordered differently. And...

They've got these banners up on light-posts all over the neighborhood, extending far from the ballpark. Collect 'em all! I did see a few repeats but there are a lot of different ones.

Here's another one, as the rain fell on Landsowne. (If you've never been to Fenway, the green in the top half of the photo is the underside of the Green Monster seats.)

I had to look through glass to see inside Gate B--you can see the new ground inside made up of the bricks people paid to have their names on.

For some reason they're facing away from the entrance, so I had to flip the following pic upside down. See if your brick happens to be there...I can make out....Jim Kincaid....Bob Cesario...Deezer Irons..."Daddy, I miss you, love, Cutie".....

So there are some pre-Opening Day Fenway pics. Tomorrow's the real deal!

Mom here.

Thanks for these beautiful shots. I'm feeling better already.

Have fun tomorrow.

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