Sunday, April 15, 2012

Put Your Own Touch On Green Death

How do ya like that last-minute addition to the eyes? Classy, right?

Calling all humans: Be a "guest artist"! I want to have one or more Green Death-related pictures after each win in 2012. You can do whatever you want. The only rules are, you have to use a pic from that day's win, and the 100 Years patch has to be visible. From there, turn the pic into whatever your vision of Green Death is! It can be as cheesy or as professional as you want. So after the next win, do one and send it to me before the end of the night, or at least before the next game starts. I'll post them all. Make sure you tell me where you got the pic so I can give credit.

Also, if you're confused, "green death" was an old term players used to use referring to The Wall before it became known as the Green Monster. I discovered it recently going through old newspapers online. As far as I know, nobody's mentioned this term in a half-century. So I thought I'd bring it back for the 100th anniversary. Then when they put that green patch on the uniforms/hats, it became (to me only) the symbol of the Green Death we'll be bringing down upon opponents in '12.

Above, Papi and Cody activate the special electric Green Death rays in today's win over the regular Rays. Photo by Michael Dwyer, alteration by me.


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