Monday, April 16, 2012

Pats' Day Sox Action RIght Now (Update: Umpire Beats Red Sox, 1-0)

2:15: UMP GIVES RAYS GAME. Rodney throws 5 straight pitches out of the zone, Ross swings at none of them. Ump calls three of them strikes. Game over.

2:10: Intentional walk to Papi. Ross up with 1st/2nd, 2 out, 9th, Sox down 1-0.

2:08: Hard groundout to first. But Dustin was running. Tying run on second, 2 out, Papi up, last hope.

2:06: Rodney in. Adrian up. Another full count....

2:01: Pedroia...full count....crowd on its feet...and he draws a walk. Tying run at first, winning run coming up as Shields leaves after 115 pitches.

1:59: Shields still in for the 9th, leading off is Aviles...and he grounds out to short, one down.

1:56: We go bottom 9, down 1-0. Let's proverbially do this!!!

1:45: Nothing for us in the 8th. It's gonna take a walk-off win today.

1:40: Shields still in for them as we bat in bottom 8, one out, nobody on.

1:31: We trail 1-0 after 7. I am shocked at what I'm hearing. Don and Jerry are talking about the pizza-toss incident. Upon seeing the classic shot of the guy throwing the slice, Don seems amazed and says "I don't think I ever saw that!" What?? You were the announcer while this was happening!

1:12: Justin Thomas gets Scott to end the top of the 7th as the Rays leave 'em loaded but get 1, 1-0 them after 6.5.

1:06: With 2 on, 2 out in the 7th, Bard walks Pena and Longoria on 8 pitches, making it 1-0 Tampa before V finally takes him out.

12:49: 0 runs on 3 hits for each team thru 6.

12:35: 0-0 thru 5.

12:27: Bard 5 scoreless. 0-0 mid-5th.

12:13: No score thru 4.

12:03: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Bard just got out of a jam in the 4th. With 1st and 2nd, one out, grounder right back to him. At which point me and every other baseball fan thought, "oh no, a pitcher trying to--gasp--throw a ball to second base!" Sure enough, the throw was a one-hopper. Aviles bailed him out though, fielding the throw like a grounder and firing to first for the DP. 0-0 after 3.5.

11:48: 0-0 through 2.5. Only 3 baserunners for Bard thru 3.0, none on hits.

11:28: Mid-2nd, 0-0, as Don and Rem talk about the first of what I actually hope will be the first of many controversies (so that the weight of each one becomes lessened as the media realizes they can't keep up with all the stuff V says--you know my theory).

11:08: Bard sets 'em down 1-2-3 in the first.

GODDAMN IT ALL - why can't we have either competent umpires or use gameday or pitch/FX to call pitches AS THEY ACTUALLY ARE???????????????

Even if we lose, I want the PLAYERS to decide the outcome.

Arrrrrgggggggggggggggggg, I'm pissed.
Yeah, I wanted Ross to just have a chance there.

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