Thursday, April 05, 2012

Opening Day Updates

4:17: Grounder past third, and the game's over. Don sees Tigers running on to field, claims they're walking off it. That's rough for me, that every time we have to witness a walk-off loss, I have to hear Don rub it in by using the term completely incorrectly. Anyway, looked like a double play ball, but it went past Punto. Game over. Well, we had a great performance by Lester. Starting pitching is key. We faced the Cy Young and MVP. And we didn't give up when down 2 in the ninth. So good things happened today. There are much worse losses you can have with a day off the next day to think about it. This one ain't so bad.

4:16: A-save-us hits a batter in the foot. Loaded. Infield in, outfield in.

4:10: Melancon gives up two singles. First and second, one out, tied, bottom 9. And V goes to Aceves.

4:01: Cody lines out to short hard on first pitch. We go to the bottom of the 9th, tied at 2! Sweeney's ball was a rocket down the right field line that almost got outta here. Bounced off wall away from fielder so he got 3 out of it.

4:00: Sweeney TRIPLES!!!! Red Sox tie it with two outs in 9th!

3:58: Pinch-runner D-Mac steals second.

3:57: Youk strikes out swinging. It's up to Sweeney.

3:55: Sac fly for Papi, not deep to center. So, man on first, one out. Down 2-1. Ninth. Youk up.

3:52: I was thinking Dustin single, Adrian double. Instead, the opposite. Adrian singles Dustin to third, no out. Papi up.

3:51: Pedroia leadoff double off Valverde. Tying run up in Gonzalez.

3:43: Sac fly makes it 2-0 Tigers. We go to the 9th.

3:40: Padilla starts 8th, gives up triple that Sweeney could have caught or at least not played into a triple. Now 1st and 3rd, one out, Morales in.

3:30: Whole lotta nothing off Verlander in the 8th. 1-0 Detroit, mid-8th.

3:21: Lester gives up 2-out double with a guy on second. 1-0 Tigers thru 7. Note: If this ump was giving Lester the Mariano strike zone like he's giving Verlander, we'd still be tied.

3:08: More nothing for us in the 7th. 0-0 at stretch time.

3:01: Lester gets his third double play--0-0 after 6.

2:54: We had 2 on, 2 out, but Papi Ks to end top of 6th. Still 0-0. The Tigers D is pretty shoddy today. Peralta's throws to first have bounced and he's been saved by Fielder. Cabrera in that last inning almost botched a pop-up and then ole'd a ball. We gotta break through against these guys!

2:41: Long bottom 5th. First two get on, then Lester gets the next three. 0-0 after 5.

2:26: No score mid-5. Cody Ross hit a deep fly to right in the 5th, but it was caught on the track.

2:17: No score after 4.

2:09: Verlander 1-2-3 in 4th. Still no score.

2:02: Another hit given up by Lester, but again no runs for the Tigers. 0-0 through 3.

1:48: Nothing for us in the 3rd. 0-0.

1:40: Prince got a hit in his first Tigers at bat. But Lester gets another double play ball! He's faced the minimum through 2 despite 2 hits. 0-0 thru 2.

1:32: Youk terribly hit a grounder to the left side following Papi's double. Then after another ground out moves him to third, Ross watched a 3-2 curve go right over the plate, and we strand the runner. 0-0 after 1.5.

1:23: Our first hit of 2012! Papi leads off the 2nd with a double to left.

1:18: After a 1-2-3 first for Verlander, Lester gives up a single on his first pitch...but gets a nicely turned 5-4-3 DP on his second! Then a lineout. 0-0 after 1.

1:11: The Red Sox season has begun! Ellsbury popped out to shallow left to start the game. Pedroia then pops out to second.

12:47: Just watched the Red Sox announced! Russell Nua had his braid up. Fans are still filing in at Comerica--how could you have tickets to Opening Day and miss the introductions?! Anyway, play ball!

Latest updates will be on top. The pre-game has been NESN's usual "okay, last year's over, we've moved here are the highlights from what we've supposedly moved on from." Have you noticed that? All spring, TC would sit there talking to Red Sox players, starting off saying how he knows they're so glad to be in a new year and not having to talk about last year--and then he proceeds to conduct an entire interview solely about last year. So, yes, even after today's official "finally we can truly move on," they have shown the clips from the last day of 2011.


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