Sunday, April 08, 2012

Oh, Kay! Vol. 2

Brian suggested I make Michael Kay's ridiculous comments and shitty calls into a series. So here we go. Listen to what Kay said after Nunez's error at shortstop cost the Yanks two runs on Saturday:

I love how he acts like Derek Jeter has literally never made an error in 16 years. Here's the quote if you can't watch the video: "One thing that Derek Jeter always does, if the ball's hit to Derek Jeter, he is gonna field it, he's not gonna boot the easy ground ball, he's gonna make the throw to first." I've gone ahead and found documentation of just a few, from early in his career, late in his career, in the playoffs, in the minors, in the WBC.... This guy has fucked up in almost every conceivable situation, often on easy grounders right to him. Just like everybody else:

4/26/2004, Sporting News:

Also in that opening inning of the first game, shortstop Jeter let a routine grounder bounce through his legs to account for another unearned run.

4/20/2005, NY Post:

One run came in when Jeter let a spinning grounder with the infield in squirt through his legs.

7/15/2001, USA Today:

Jeter's error was his 13th of the season, tied for the American League lead among shortstops.

4/18/2004, NYT:

With one out in the third, Jeter booted Kevin Millar's grounder to his backhand side for his second error of the series.

6/30/2002, Daily News:

Jeter's error in the ninth led to three unearned runs.

6/5/2007, (with some nice commentary from the writer):

Two batters later, Wily Mo Pena hit a hard ground ball to Jeter -- another potential double-play starter -- and Jeter booted it to load the bases. He later told reporters it "might have been the hardest ground ball anybody has ever hit to me." It wasn't. It was practically routine. I've seen Jeter handle dozens of harder rockets. Hell, I've handled harder ground balls in fast-pitch softball games. That error eventually led to three more runs.

8/20/1999, Newsday:

In the 11th, Jeter booted a playable grounder, his second costly error in two games.

7/3/2011, (in a minor league rehab game):

Jeter’s throwing error in the fifth opened the door for a four-run inning.

3/22/2009, Daily News (headline):

Derek Jeter's error in 8th helps Japan eliminate Team USA at WBC

10/14/1999, NY Post:

Jeter's throwing error in the first allowed one run.

10/6/1996, Fresno Bee:

Palmer safe on shortstop Jeter's fielding error.

10/4/2011, NY Post:

Jeter had a horrible Game 2, going 0-for-5 and committing an error that helped lead to two runs.

When I think of Michael Kay, I think of that line from WKRP in Cincinnati: "We hire people who otherwise couldn't get jobs anywhere else."
Heh heh, heheheheheh

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