Sunday, April 08, 2012

NY Media Wins Race To Panic Reference!

"Is it too early to push the panic button," asks the Daily News about the 0-2 Yanks! They answer it by saying "of course it is," but we all know just saying the word counts. As being dickish. Of course I LOVE it when the NY media effs with the Yanks as much as I hate it when the Boston media effs with the Red Sox. So I'm glad Yankee fans got to hear the magic word before we did.*

*Actually, I don't read the Boston media so I'm just assuming they haven't pulled it out yet, but they probably have, fifty times. After all, no team with Jacoby Ellsbury leading off and Mike Aviles playing shortstop who started the year in Detroit by losing 3-2 in the first game and 10-0 in the second game has ever not not not had their team plane crash and have everyone die the next day, at all, ever. So, stats.

I'm guessing the Boston Media was pushing the panic button whn Pap went to Philly.
After they pushed him out. That's how they roll.

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