Monday, April 02, 2012

Nation In Waiting

Another fine outing by Aaron Cook today. He could come in handy.

Has anyone received their RSN stuff in the mail yet? They said they'd send it out "in March" and it's now April. I made my payment several weeks ago. By the way, from what I can tell, it's gonna be the same crappy pre-game situation as last year: The Yawkey Way gates opening a half hour before the others and the areas beyond first and third closed off until the rest of the gates open. I should have just gotten an RSN membership last year so I could at least be in LF/CF for that firat half hour (and a half hour before that, too). So this year, just because of the stupid set-up, I got a membership. (It's funny, even if you take a year off from RSN, you still get your original membership number. I got mine right when they started it in '05, so I've got a sub-5,000 number. I'm curious to see how high it's gotten since then.

Funny you should ask that...just this morning I sent an email to customer service wanting to know where the hell my stuff was. No response yet.
Thanks. Hopefully they're only waiting extra long since they know the HOME opening day isn't until mid-April, and we all get our stuff in the next couple days.

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