Friday, April 06, 2012

Mo Adds Another One To His Legendary Blown Saves List

Yanks up one, bottom 9, they go to Mo, and....single, triple, we're tied. Then two intentional walks. Then a strikeout to finally get the first out. Then Pena skies one deeeep to left center--and that's your ballgame! Yanks lose! And it's a completely satisfying Opening Day after all...

Video I made earlier in the game illustrating why I hate Michael Kay so much:

He plays right into the Yanks' new slogan: "Heroes remembered. Legends born." I'll have to add that one to the list, along with the new Astros one: "Root. Root. Root."

It'll take a while for the "great" Mariano to bring down the 54.0 ERA - ha-ha.
Hahaha! 54, nice.

Awesome bonus to this post. I had set up the video an hour earlier, so when I started typing as the bottom of the 9th was starting, I looked at the clock. 6:44. I had to change the earlier time to the current time, but figuring I wouldn't be posting until the game's over, I added a few minutes, knowing that if it kept going beyond that, I could just enter whatever the time was at post-time. I chose 6:55. As the winning run scored, I typed up the end of the post, then looked at the clock to see it change from 6:54 to 6:55. So I'd essentially predicted exactly when Mo would officially lose the game.
Thanks Jere, you just me appreciate not having to listen to Michael Kay.

-Liam, Summa Contra
It's a great world without him in it. Seven years ago, I'd be hearing him most nights on the Yanks game AND every day on my lunch break on his midday show on ESPN radio which I for some reason would torture myself listening to. (Or at least had it on when the FAN was on commercial or talking hockey.)

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