Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Missing Of Pitches

Our favorite network has missed parts of at least three plays the last two nights.

The first one isn't that bad--but only compared to the others. They miss the entire pitch and the ball meeting bat. This was a key play in the Twins' rally last night, after they'd come back from commercial and were showing an extended Valentine non-reaction shot:

And shortly after that, we come back from break to see that another key hit was in progress:

But the night before had one of the all-time worst examples of pitch-missing. While we're trapped in a hallway, we hear the crack of the bat followed by the crowd reacting to Gonzalez fielding the ball:

On that last one, here's a still shot of the FIRST thing we see of that play (with the graphic not fully off the screen yet):

Pitch thrown, ball hit, ball fielded already--the first thing we see is the fielder touching the base for the out. We have essentially missed the entire play.

If they ever accidentally cut off some of a commercial or promo, I'll post that video here--and I'll give you one million dollars.


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