Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Missing Pitches: A NESN Tradition Since Always

It's kinda cool to see into the visitors' clubhouses. I like seeing which teams know about the logo update and which don't. Last night, we saw that the Twins DO know about it. Fine job, Twins. So we've got the Blue Jays on the No side and the Twins on the Yes side. However, it would be nice if NESN didn't miss pitches while showing this stuff! While the viewers are being taken down a hallway, we heard an audible groan from the crowd and we knew we were missing something. They cut back to the game and we see Gonzalez just arriving at first base with the ball he fielded. So we missed the pitch, the swing, the grounder, and the fielding of it. Who's in charge over there?

Sox go for the sweep tonight at 8:10.


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