Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Incredible Turn Of Events

A reader named Andrew let me know that $35 Monster SROs became available on the automated line--888 REDSOX6--for the 100th anniversary game on Friday. So get yours and then come back and read the rest of my story...

...okay, welcome back. So obviously this is THE most desirable game on the schedule. I've been thinking about what they might do on April 20th, 2012 for years. Last September, we found out the Yanks would be in town that day, making it even crazier. Surprisingly, tickets for this game were made available to the public a few times, along with the lottery-winner-only sales. I couldn't believe it when I saw it was part of the "digital ticket" upper-bleacher sale. That's when I got 2. Then they went on sale as part of both the SRO and Double Play Pax. In either case, all you had to do was buy one other game. Again, a sweet deal. Each of these times I had tickets right there in front of me, but decided to just stick with my 2. But I'm sure you remember me telling you about these as they came up. I figured I could at least help you people out.

Meanwhile, in January, another reader e-mails me, and says he wants a Monster Seat for that game, or at the very least a Monster SRO. I told him it would be tough--the toughest seats to get, for the toughest game of the century. Still, I kept my eye out. All systems failed though. A guy at the ticket office on the day of the Monster lottery onsale told me that they were literally sold out, and even suggested I try a "scalper" as they'd be the only ones who had any tickets at that point.

In the last week, with me already watching closely on the off-chance that the team releases some more tix to that game, suddenly the person going with me (my mom) tells me her man-friend wants to go too. All those chances I had to get tix to this game for as little as $12! And now we might have to do the unthinkable--buy a $20 seat for over $100 from a scalper site....

So here I was, in need of Monster tickets, and one more single ticket of any kind, to the biggest game of the year, and time ticking away....

Then today, out of the blue, the aforementioned "Andrew" comments on my blog. Monster SRO available! Both problems solved! Because now I can just say Screw my two $12 seats, I'll get 3 Monster SROs for the price of one shitty scalped seat, and the three of us will hang out up there. AND, my random pal who it seemed would not be able to get his wish WOULD. So I sprang into action. Suddenly I'm holding 2 phones at once and e-mailing the guy from my laptop with my third hand. The system wouldn't let me get 4, or 3, so I got 2. Meanwhile I told my mom on the other phone to call right away and I babbled something about trying for 4, knowing we could give them to that guy if he doesn't get my e-mail in time, but also knowing that the system only let me get 2. After blowing it on my first try by entering the valid-from date instead of the expiration date (that shows you what kind of state I was in) over and over until they hung up on me, AND having that phone die, I called from the gmail phone and got my 2. My mom called me back, and told me she was able to get 4! Turns out the guy got my e-mail and got what he wanted. So now we've got 6, which we can easily get 3 more friends for.

So it all worked out. The "stress" of having extra for a huge game is nothing compared to the real stress of not having enough. AND I was proud to come through for a reader who wanted such a tough ticket. I didn't deliver a seat, but standing room, especially for face value, is a close second. Because I'm always telling you to "follow my ticket lessons," so it feels good when it really works out.

Once again, thanks to Andrew, 2012 champion of this blog for making it all possible! I don't even know if it's the old Section 12 Row 8 Andrew, or another one, or what. But he's awesome.

I think the Sox are rewarding us for calling the automated line nowadays...$12 upper bleachers available for Saturday afternoon if you're still in town.

Ha I checked earlier and the cheapest was ifgs and they only had singles. Saturday's part of my 10 game plan anyway. (And I'm only an hour away these days so I'm essentially always "in town". But feel free to keep those updates coming! Thanks!!)

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