Thursday, April 12, 2012

Guess What? I've Got A New Pet Peeve!

What's wrong with each one of the following statements?


"As the Sox prepare to play their 100th season in their friendly confines, their fans will build on their record 712-game sellout streak.", 3/20/2012

"There’s no surer sign that spring is here than Opening Day for the Boston Red Sox. And with this being Fenway Park’s 100th season, the team’s doing all kinds of special things to celebrate.", 4/8/2012

"The Red Sox will open the 100th season of Fenway Park on Friday" --ESPN, yesterday

"After an off-day today, the Red Sox open Fenway Park’s 100th season with a nine-game homestand against the Rays, Rangers and Yankees" --Boston Herald, today


The answer: 2012 is not Fenway Park's 100th season. 2011 was. The celebrations in 2012 commemorate Fenway's 100th birthday, but this season is #101. I saw where a friend of mine said this year was the 100th season, and, whatever, people make mistakes, and I knew what he meant, but then I thought...Hmmm, I wonder who else is making this mistake (knowing full well that minor publications and would be culprits). But right away I saw MLB themselves, the worldwide leader, and the two big Boston papers had said it like that too. And a new pet peeve was born! Actually, it'd be a "pet peeve" if they could be considered correct at all, but they can't be. It's simple math!

As a reporter- I have run into this exact situation before! And been forced to write about things on the 21st, 11th, etc...
I am so glad we share pet peeves, jere.

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