Monday, April 09, 2012

Green Death For Blue Jays

Surprise! The Red Sox dance into Santos' 9th-inning Party House and come out with the first win of 2012, and we finally get to play the theme song.

Doubront was pretty good, and scOTT (One-Two-Three) atchison was great, but we trailed 2-1 going to the 9th thanks in part to a Jays runner incorrectly being called safe at the plate. But Dustin, who went to the lunar substation earlier, led off against Santos with a double, and went to third on a passed ball. So we pretty much knew we were gonna tie it up, but I think every one of us preferred getting at least two runs so we wouldn't have to go to the bottom of the 9th tied. Gonzalez hit a sac fly. An out and two walks later, Sweeney grounded one through the right side. MacDime was pinch-running, and with two outs, I thought he'd walk home. Instead, he was gonna be out by a mile--but the catcher couldn't handle the two-hop throw, and we led 3-2. A wild pitch made it 4-2. Aceves came in, and set 'em down in order.

Green death finally shows an opponent its face. It's gotta be the patch!

Photo by the CBC. Green death alteration by Jere with help from Kim.

By the way, I was pissed at Remy/Don's analysis of the Jays guy being called safe at the plate. Had we lost, it would have been the focus of this post. Instead I'll do a separate one tomorrow about it. Probably.
Oh! And another crazy old logo thing! If you saw the game you HAD to notice it. Another thing that I'll talk about tomorrow.
Yeah, on the slo-mo replay if you watch for the tag on the shoulder, then look at the plate, you see the runner touch home after the tag. TJ ump, Jerry & Don.
I watched the game on TV, even though I had to put up with Buck Martinez's announcing and endless Blue Jays' boosterism. Randomness:
1) I figured Rasmus was out at home when I saw the play live, but Saltalamacchia didn't argue the call, so I figured he knew best. He (Salty) did seem pissed, though.
2) Doubront was good, but I had no idea he'd rung up over 100 pitches. I thought his exit was early, but turns out Bobby knew best. (Spit, spit...)
3) On the "green death" play in the 9th, Bautista only had a shot at Darnell because he was playing at deep infield depth.
4) When I realized Pedroia was leading off the ninth against Santos, I just knew he was going to mash the first pitch. That was sweet.
5) Everyone on TV was giggling stupidly about Ortiz's SB attempt, but I thought it was a reasonable risk to take. Took a perfect throw to get him.
6) Umm... forgive my ignorance, but what's green death?
Green Death is a name I found in old newspapers that described the left field Wall before it was known as the Green Monster. So I thought it would be good to bring back for the 100th anniversary year. Then they put that green patch on the unis, so I came to picture that as the symbol of Green Death (for other teams). Then I came up with Surprise You're Dead as the theme song for 2012.

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