Friday, April 06, 2012

CC Slammed

I love it. CC gives up a grand slam in the first inning. As a bonus, it's to one of the "good" Rays, Carlos Pena.

By the way, the Yanks' starting pitching doesn't scare me. Apparently they're this team with all this depth in the rotation, but other than the guy who just gave up that grand dong, and with Pineda out for a while, they don't have any proven rock-solid types. Kuroda was good in the NL but come on, this is the real world now.

And another thing, which applies to both the Red Sox and Yankees: don't forget how bad most of baseball is. Even in years where I'm sure the Yanks will "stink" (since the late '90s), they're still not gonna be as bad as the bulk of the league, so they pretty much make the playoffs every year anyway. It's similar with us--anybody who thinks the Red Sox are "bad" or that it's "gonna be a long year" are forgetting that MOST teams have a "long year," and the Red Sox as they are assembled will beat that team 3 out of every 4 times.

Whoops, there I go again, acknowledging the people who judge a 162-game season on one game.

And I as I finish this, I see the Yanks scored 2 in the next inning. Scored on a ground out and a wild pitch, starting out the season in classic Yankee style.


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