Thursday, April 26, 2012

Burnt Humber

The last words I'd written on this blog today were: "If they ever accidentally cut off some of a commercial or promo, I'll post that video here--and I'll give you one million dollars."

Well, I owe you a million dollars! (Fortunately I never specified what kind of dollars.) It happened in the third inning tonight:

Byrd seemed to be struck out, the graphics flew, the music played, and Don threw it to break. And after about 27 seconds of a 30-second commercial, we're suddenly thrown back to the field, where another pitch is being thrown to Byrd! Apparently the umps had huddled and decided Byrd hadn't struck out. And NESN showed they DO have the capability for cutting right into an ad and got back just in time. (I'm wondering how they even go about this. They must have known another pitch would be thrown well before they got us back to the game--does it just take that long to override the system, with two captains each turning his key at once, or did they decide to let as much of the ad run as possible, cutting back just as the pitch was being delivered?) Then it came out that Remy actually had gone to the bathroom thinking the inning was over. He trumped Phil Rizzuto's classic WW ("wasn't watching") scorecard notation with a WH: "wasn't here."

More importantly, a 10-3 Red Sox win! Doubront went 6, Tazawa went 3. Youk hit a grandmother slamfather, and Salty followed it with a solo blast--giving us a huge early lead that we'd never give up. Salt later hit another dong, a 2-run shot that injected Green Death into the other Sox. That perfect game by Humber in his last start was the best thing that could have happened to us--it's like the flight before yours crashing. Four wins in a row!

I recall NESN cutting commercials off several years ago when they were missing 4-6 pitches every single night. Many times they started a commercial (sometimes for their own shows) that had no chance of fitting in the allotted time and would cut back to the game after about 10 seconds. I remember wondering if sponsors were paying partial rates for 1/3 of an airing.
Yeah that rings a bell. The only time they don't mind losing an ad is when they know they're squeezing an extra one in.

Orig. photo: Brian Kersey/Getty Images

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