Saturday, April 28, 2012

Green Death For White Sox

Bard was a little off early in the game. An 0-2 pitch right over the plate leads to a 2-out RBI double in the first. A crazy third inning where we should have had about 6 outs led to another run, and a 3-0 dong by Konerko had the Blowtown Hose up 3-2 after 5. But the Boston bats were hot in the cold once again. A 2-out, 3-run double by Darnell put us ahead to stay in the 6th. He added a late dong (above) to drop the Green Death on the White Socks. Bard settled down and Albers was perfect in the 8th and 9th. 10-3 win.

So that's five wins in a row. What kills me is how not one reliever could come through last Saturday. It was easy to say "the bullpen stinks" after that game, but the truth is, they all just stunk on the same day. We knew each of those guys had had his moments before then, and they all have since, except for that one guy, but them all failing that day (except Tazawa when it was too late) means we're 9-10 right now instead of above 10-9. Oh well, that was 6 games ago, we're on a new path now. If we can win our 6th in a row, we'll reach .500 at the 20-game mark, which would be pretty sweet after the 4-10 start.

(Underrated moment at the Joy of Sox board. Allan said Shoppach was in danger of getting a Golden Shower, i.e. his fourth strikeout. I quickly made an "Our Kelly" joke and was very proud of myself.)

Derek Jeter went 0 for 4 in the Yanks-Tigers game tonight. In the 9th, with the game tied, he walked. Then he went to second on another walk, and the ball got away from the catcher, so he went to third. Then there was a passed ball, allowing him to score the winning run. Are you ready to see what the Daily News thinks about this? Now keep in mind, I didn't leave anything out there. That was the whole rally. Walk, walk, wild pitch, passed ball. This isn't a Photoshop job, this is real, I swear. Here we go:

Nice touch with the "October is in the air" talk, too! The article's sub-headline also tries to make it appear as if Jeter did anything at all, as opposed to being handed the goddamn game:

"Jeter [...] worked a one-out walk in the ninth and then used some heads-up baserunning to score the game-winning run on passed ball by Tigers catcher Alex Avila."

Jeter himself admits right in the same article that "all I had to do was run"! These articles read like the Little League write-ups in the local paper, when they'd have to mention every kid in the game story. "Joshua Dineen played stellar defense in three innings in left field." If you never saw the games, you'd think Dineen was the star of the team--the writers can't help but notice all the good he does every single game! That's Jeter. He's the kid whose parents are really nice so you want to make sure to always praise him even though he doesn't do shit.

AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh. Green Deathing: me. Come on, people, all these wins mean chances you had to make your OWN Green Death pic and send it in. Some of mine are horrible, we need new blood!

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