Monday, March 05, 2012

Yes On 193

Now that Wakefield is retired, we're stuck with Roger Clemens stuck on top of the all-time Red Sox win list for the time being, tied with Cy Young at 192.

But I noticed on a 1983 Boston Herald pull-out that I got on ebay that Young is credited with 193 Red Sox wins. I did a news search and found that a few other times as late as the 1990s, Young was shown as having 193. Finally I came across an article from the Hartford Courant, from August 5, 1939, in which Cy himself is quoted as saying:

"I know It 511 In the book but It should be 512. They took one victory that I really earned away from me and gave It to somebody ."

Good enough for me. Give Cy 512 for his career and 193 in a Boston uniform. Welcome to second place, Roger.

In all proverbial honesty, though, I'd love to know which game this was, and, if it really was given to the wrong pitcher, we have to petition MLB to give it back to Cy, and get him above the Rocket.


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