Friday, March 30, 2012

Yankee Tix/Sked Stuff

Tickets available to the April Sunday night game against the Yanks. Mainly singles, but there are a few together in RF Box 92. You'd be craning your neck out there though.

So I noticed they've removed the clutter from the schedule. Now to see the extra stuff (besides the ticket-buying button), you have to hover over a date. I'm fine with taking the hotel/airline info off, but why'd they have to remove the broadcast info?? Obviously most games are on NESN, and you can tell if a Sunday game is ESPN if it's 8:05, but in general I think people like looking at a schedule and seeing right away what channel a game is on. Gimme time, opponent, channel and I'm happy. But in this case I'll just be happy MLB attempted to make the right move, despite that they took it a step too far.

They also took the "promotions" link entirely off of there.


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