Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Two More For My Psychiatrist. I Mean For My Blog!

The two latest uses of the pre-tweaked logo that I've noticed:

1. Sports Illustrated's main baseball page (at bottom). Marlins logo changes, and they fix it right away! Ours changes in 2008, no change made, as of 2012. (Though we're dealing with people who also didn't hear the news that the Marlins also changed their name. That O's logo is also 3 years old.)

2. The last episode of "The Red Sox Report starring the Overenthusiastic Don Orsillo" had a feature on Sox prospect Jackie Bradley Jr., which was a "day in the life of a draft pick"-type piece. At one point, Jackie looks at the day's schedule, and sure enough:

Once again, the Red Sox themselves didn't get the memo that their own logo was changed in 2008. Don't worry, these papers aren't anything important, they're just the lineup cards. And every other thing they print out.

I think I have a solution. Have a press conference announcing the logo will be changing back to the old version. Then no one will notice that announcement, and therefore start using the new one.

Just in case you're still reading: I have to admit I was kind of excited about the A's-Mariners game this morning. (First time I've ever said those exact words!) I knew I had to get up at 7:30 anyway, so I flipped on the TV just to be able to see a regular season baseball game. And it wasn't on. Leave it to MLB to not show their opening game. I was pissed, and I only wanted to see five minutes of it. As I heard on radio later, sure enough, lots of people who cared more about it than I did were also pissed.


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