Monday, March 26, 2012

TV Stuff

During the Red Sox game today, I noticed that I couldn't pause or rewind. ("Uh huh huh, you can't pause the TV, Beavis." --Butt-Head, c. 1994. "You can now." --whoever invented the DVR.) I started checking other channels. They were all fine. Went back to NESN. Still no pausing! Now I'll grant you this: the batteries in our remote are clearly dying. But I pressed the buttons really hard. Still no pausing on NESN, still pausing elsewhere. I know, I'll see if there are any other MLB games on! There was one, on MLBN. And it also wouldn't pause! Now I started getting really suspicious. The NCAA basketball tournament game was live, and it was pausable/rewindable. So I started thinking that MLB had pulled another fast one on us, somehow disarming DVR functionality during live games.

I did notice that if I recorded the game, I was allowed to then go to the recording and do what I wanted with that. But still, I was getting pissed. DVR is key for if you have to leave the room and you don't want to miss anything, or to rewind plays to watch again without relying on the network's replays, or to go back and get screen shots of wacky stuff to post on your blog. And I didn't wanna have to record every game I watch to be able to do that.

A few minutes later, everything was back to normal. I fully admit this could have just been a glitch. But it just seemed like too much of a coincidence. I wonder if they were testing it out and will enforce this crazy new rule once the season starts. I really hope it's all in my mind though....

Anyway, we lost the game in 10 innings, as neither team walked off the field after 9 without telling the other side first. Bard was so-so, having a not-too-bad day until the 6th really. Also, several guys with no names on their backs played.

Tonight on PBS there's a National Geographic special about Fenway Park called Inside Fenway Park: An Icon at 100. I saw the teaser on and it looks like a quality production. Click here for more info and for air-time in your area.

Thanks for the heads up, Jere. In NYC, Channel 13 is not airing this special tonight, and it debuts on THURSDAY MORNING at 1 AM. You better believe I put up a post about this!
"But I pressed the button REALLY HARD."

:) Line of the day!
Ha, thanks. Nice site you've got, too.
I saw on that the special will be on public TV, New York, on March 30th at 8pm.--Mom
Not what the PBS is showing... I wonder if they changed it and haven't updated yet.

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