Friday, March 16, 2012

True Madness

If you've been watching countless hours of college basketball, attaching yourself to and wildly rooting for teams you never cared about before based on the fact that you randomly selected them to win and you therefore have a very slight chance of winning 73 of your co-workers' hard-earned dollars, you've probably seen this commercial. It's the one where two guys at a basketball game realize they're on "fan cam" and immediately break into a set of synchronized over-the-top dance moves.

I'll suspend belief and pretend that part might actually happen. Fine. But where this ad completely misses the company junket is in the surrounding fans. They all sit there like nothing abnormal is happening! First of all, they'd all be laughing or at least reacting in some way to this display going on right in front of them and on the big screen. And second, they'd all be going crazy too, knowing that they too are on the scoreboard! If you've been to an NBA game, you know people really like to be on the scoreboard. But these people all sit there in a state of complete indifference to the fact that A. people are doing something crazy right near them and B. they are all on camera, many of them casually gazing up at the board. Even the most shy person would at least give a little point or wave once they see they're on, and even the most solemn person would crack a smile at two middle-aged guys smacking their own butts and then one carrying another over his head.

I know that they probably told the actors to mind their own business so that the full attention would be on the two dudes, but come on, at least tell them to act like they would were that situation to arise in real life, while not going and doing synchronized dances of their own. You're showing this shit to sports fans, we're gonna gonna notice this stuff.


In case you missed it, Bard crapped the cot yesterday. Seven runs. I'm sticking with the "he had to sit through a rain delay" excuse. In spring training, why let a pitcher go back out there?

Tonight, no TV as we play at 7:05 against somebody. But that's one less game to watch in this greatest of all sports weekends. Smarch Smadness opening rounds! Go Saint Eastwestern State!


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